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3D Stereoscopy Lenticular Lens vision is achieved by merging the image data from the left and right eyes within the brain. This phenomenon is called parallax. It shows the apparent placement of an object relative to its background when viewed from slightly different positions. The trick is to provide a different image to each eye, just like the good old View Master. This creates depth and gives the impression of three dimensions. The View Master works with a stereo pair, but lenticular printing works with many stereo pairs thus allowing the viewer to perceive the depth effect from different points. Lenticular sheet materials make special lenticular effects, such as Flip, Moving(Animation),Zoom,Morphing , 3D etc. The Lenticular pictures move and show depth when the products are tilted. 3D Lenticular printing is a technology in which a lenticular lens is u...


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New trends of the paper packaging

When excessive packaging became a rat in the street, when everyone shouted, the paper packaging once again came into sight. The most primitive packaging, paper packaging has its green environmental advantages. Metals, woodwork and other packaging are seldom used again, and the cost of recovery is not as good as that of newspapers.

The global economy and industrial system are developing the concept of "zero degree packaging", "simplified packaging" and "green packaging" with packaging revolution as the forerunner, and put into practice. Green commodities and green packaging have become a hot spot in the packaging industry. Green packaging is a high-tech form of packaging, from raw materials to packaging design, manufacturing and recycling of products, each link should be energy-saving, efficient and harmless. Ecological packaging materials have attracted worldwide attention, and their research should be considered from the whole process of development, design, production, use and waste.

Future packaging will be green packaging, paper packaging and paper packaging containers as a member of the green packaging, how will it develop?

The development of paper packaging printing technology will have the following new characteristics: single-layer materials to multi-layer materials; offset printing, gravure, flexography, screen printing and other printing methods coexist and flexographic printing will grow fastest; single sheet paper to web paper, single machine to online production; a variety of related new technologies integrated applications (such as computer design, integrated application of new technologies) Digital technology, laser processing technology and new materials constantly optimize the whole production system.

The development trend of paper packaging containers is: one-time molded paper containers will gradually replace the existing molded combined paper containers; deep coating technology will gradually replace the past wax coating; composite technology has become an important technology in the development of paper containers; CAD and CAM systems will greatly shorten the design and manufacturing cycle of paper packaging containers. In addition, paper products packaging focuses on the development of low gram weight, high strength, lightweight high-grade paper packaging, to achieve standardization, serialization, multi-variety, multi-substrate, multi-purpose goals.

Therefore, paper packaging will be the product of meeting the needs of today's market.



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