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3D Stereoscopy Lenticular Lens vision is achieved by merging the image data from the left and right eyes within the brain. This phenomenon is called parallax. It shows the apparent placement of an object relative to its background when viewed from slightly different positions. The trick is to provide a different image to each eye, just like the good old View Master. This creates depth and gives the impression of three dimensions. The View Master works with a stereo pair, but lenticular printing works with many stereo pairs thus allowing the viewer to perceive the depth effect from different points. Lenticular sheet materials make special lenticular effects, such as Flip, Moving(Animation),Zoom,Morphing , 3D etc. The Lenticular pictures move and show depth when the products are tilted. 3D Lenticular printing is a technology in which a lenticular lens is u...


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The importance of gift box design

With the changes of the times, the gift market is very big, and the development of the gifts market has led to the gift box, gift market, gift industry increasingly fierce competition, gift box tells you, in order to make their products, gift box becomes the key point of choice. The importance of gift box design

The innovations of environmental protection and gift packaging materials in the 21st century include: pulp molded packaging materials used for insulation, shock resistance, impact resistance and decay, not easy to decompose and design to reduce the use of materials in gift boxes, as far as possible with light quality, small size, easy to crush or crush, easy to separate materials.

In the gift box, open-style cutting, gift box packaging needs a certain strength, so for adults to open the door to convenience, but it is very difficult for children, thus effectively avoiding children's mistakes, misleading. Because this gift box once opened, it is difficult to restore, because to a certain extent played a role in theft-proof, really set up in a person's body protection and theft-proof.

Personalized packaging design is a design method involving a wide range of influence, whether it is corporate image, product itself or social impact has a great relevance and influence. Personalized customization is the most commonly used field character gift creative gift customization, personalized gift to update concepts, has a far-reaching impact on daily life, but now It is endowed with more meaning. People no longer think that alcohol, tobacco and tea are the choices of gifts. Modern people pay more attention to the gift of taste, and "personality creative gifts" can greatly improve the gift nature of art appreciation, including emotional appeal, so that the relationship between gifts is more harmonious.

The importance of gift box design

For gift box design, finding the direction of design is more important than anything else. Customers do design for a variety of reasons. Sometimes a new product will be introduced, sometimes to replace the original product to improve, regardless of the motivation of the design, fully understand the needs of consumers is essential, which requires the project design team to have a certain understanding of the market, such as: customers to launch new products, research, its target market, how to develop the corresponding Design schemes, target consumers; if it is a substitute for new products, the advantages of its original brand packaging need to be inherited; product design is the development of a new market, in order to reverse the situation, product sales, strengths and weaknesses, as well as the existing advantages and weaknesses of the design needs to reference, are constantly decreasing Sale. In short, the more accurate the customer's situation is, the more accurate the practice orientation is, and the better the final design result is.



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