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Lenticular art is created by taking two or more images and using lenticular interlacing software to combine them. This choppy looking image is then laminated with a lenticular lens or lenticular screen which creates the optical illusion of your choosing. The process then blends the mashing of image strips into one piece of lenticular art. Lenticular lenses are as unique as eyeglass prescriptions and careful consideration is taken into the type of laminating is involved straight down to the size of the column like strips called lenticules from which the lenticular lenses are constructed.

With many different effects to choose from, lenticular printing offers creative and captivating solutions for all your advertising needs. Through the lenticular image printing process, still life images can be transformed to create the illusion of many different effects. Each unique effect has a different method of drawing the eye to the product and drawing attention. Your lenticular image can consist of a 3D Flip Image , Multi-Phase Zoom , 3D Stereoscopic Effect , Full Animation , or Morphing Effects. See which effect would best suit your needs in our effects section and leave the printing to us.

By utilizing cutting edge lenticular printing technology and taking advantage of our extensive knowledge in lenticular lens crafting, Lenticular Image Printing can be your one stop shop in promotional business cards, posters, and other lenticular images. Using custom imprinted images on lenticular lenses ensures that your promotions look and move in the exact manner you wish.

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